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Fashion blogger lover – Vogue IT (Jan ’15)

Fashion blogger lover Today on my Fashion blogger: Vogue IT details. Enjoy it Fashion blogger lover Oggi sul mio fashion blog alcune foto che mi hanno fatto sognare trovate su Vogue di Gennaio. Buona visione Hoy en mi fashion blog algunos detalles que me encantaron de Vogue Italia de enero. Disfruten. Nicki Minaj – Roberto Cavalli Catherine McNeil – Blumarine Sicis art Elisabetta Franchi See you later World, New outfit post Kisses. A domani Mondo con un nuovo post outfit, Baci. Hasta mañana Munco con un nuevo post outfit, Besos.

Faux fur vest blue jacket on my fashion blog

Pink Faux fur vest blue jacket Espero la nieve en cualquier momento. El termómetro no se aleja de cero. Y yo quisiera vestir con un mono de esquí. No… no es cierto, no quiero vestir así. Pero el frío llego y se hace sentir. En estos casos, el faux fur vest juega un papel importante en mis atuendos. ¡Me mantiene caliente! Y aunque hay el riesgo de parecer un mapache, me encanta la elección de estas prendas. Hasta mañana, Besos

High Waisted Pants Comfy sweater (Winter outfit)

High Waisted Pants Comfy sweater Today on my Fashion Blog “High Waisted Pants Comfy sweater”.  A simple and comfy outfit. I leave a Karl Lagerfeld quote that I love so much: “Fashion is neither moral or immoral, but it is for rebuilding the morale.” See you later alligator, Kisses.     High Waisted Pants Comfy sweater Oggi vi presento un outfit minimalista: High Waisted Pants Comfy sweater Vi lascio con una frase che amo diKarl Lagerfeld: “La moda non è né morale né immorale, però è fatta per tirare su il morale.” A domani, Baci High Waisted Pants Comfy sweater Hoy les presento un atuendo minimalista: Os…

Folk Style on my fashion blog (Personal Winter Outfit)

Folk Style on my fashion blog How nice is the children’s world . Pristine and pure, right? For this my sweet thought? Today I was convinced to represent in my own way, the folk style . Yes Yes thoroughly convinced, until the daughter of a friend of mine made me doubt . Just by asking her if she liked me dressed like this was enough to shatter my belief. Not because she did not like the outfit, but … was very amused. Because she said I was perfect for riding a horse (No folk Style). Okay …. going on horseback…

Sweatpants my new comfy outfit (winter outfit)

Sweatpants my new comfy outfit I really like to try and experiment with different kind of outfits in my fashion blog. And although this  Sweatpants is it not   my style (I use the suits every day, but just for sports), the idea of experiencing once again the  sporty chic style tickles me a lot. Here is my interpretation of this trend. The pants that I have chosen are in wool and its  color is cream . I have combined it with a gray sweater and a white coatigan. What do you think? se you later alligator, Kisses. Sweatpants my new comfy outfit Mi piace molto provare…